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Recovering From a Difficult Week

23 Jun Recovering From a Difficult Week

Well, it’s been quite an interesting week following my happy post about being a business owner just a couple of weeks ago!

On Monday around 1:30pm we experienced a server crash, our first in 4 years, and it’s been a difficult process to manage. For those techies amongst you, we experienced a complete OS crash which was unrecoverable, meaning we had to transfer servers and restore websites via backups.

For those less savvy in the technosphere, what should have taken a couple of hours to fix took 2 days and the shit hit the fan.

We’re now up and running in full and have invested significant cash into a brand new setup to make sure this doesn’t happen again (and if it did, we would be up and running within the hour!!)

For those customers who were affected, Josh and I apologise and we’re making sure this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for sticking by us xx

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