Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

02 Oct Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

We work with a lot of personal trainers and get asked an awful lot what to do on a low budget! Here are some things we pass on regularly:

Be Social!

Being a personal trainer is all about giving the right advice and building your business on recommendations, and what better place to do that that Twitter?

A lot of trainers we work with don’t know what to say on Twitter, and our advice is to get on it and ask your client if they have Twitter and follow them. Before long you’ll have your circle of clients and friends following you and will quickly expand.

Don’t just use it as a marketing tool broadcasting offers, get involved in your circles.

Record Video

Video is such a great tool to use on a website and under-utilised hugely in the personal trainer business. The videos don’t have to be serious – for example check out this great video posted by Hale Fitness in December ’11, this was very well received!

Blog, Blog, Blog…

Want to market your website and climb the ranks of search engines on your own without paying for search engine optimisation?

That’s easy – get blogging!

Blogging is a great way to let your visitors know what you’re about and you will naturally climb the search engines by blogging. Once per month is fine to start out.

So what are you waiting for? get going!

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