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Why brilliant business ideas need startup finance

16 Oct Why brilliant business ideas need startup finance

Perhaps you need some cash to set up a home office? Or is there a particular bit of kit that is integral to running your new business, but that is just beyond your budget? Either way, a start-up loan could be the perfect option to get your venture off the ground and making money in the shortest time possible.
At The Startup Guys, we have seen first-hand how start up loans can give a much needed boost to burgeoning startup businesses. The idea of borrowing thousands as a personal loan can be daunting, but it can enable you make crucial progress in turning your brilliant idea into a workable business.

These days, there are lots of organizations based in specific areas that offer finance to people just like you. If you are looking for a startup loan in Kent, Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire, then startup loan specialists Capitalise Business Support could help.

Even if you have already started your business, you can still apply provided you are still in your ‘start-up phase’ and have been trading for less than a year. Capitalise Business Support don’t just put money in your bank and forget about you. They also offer support. By choosing them for your startup business loan, you will have the opportunity to work with one of their global partners – either for free or at a reduced cost. The specialist global partners provide core business services that you might need, from telephone call handling to access to specialist mentors.

The application process is simple and starts with an email describing your business idea. If they like the sounds of what you plan to do, they will send you a Startup Toolkit and ask you to put a business plan and forecasts together. You also have to complete a loan application form. And that’s pretty much it!
So if you’re sitting on a great business idea and are based in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or Hampshire then consider using Capitalise Business Support for your startup loan.

Visit www.letsdobusinessgroup.co.uk for more information.

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