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15 Nov Branson Backs Startup Business

It has never been tougher to get a new business off the ground, with traditional forms of funding all but cut off. Now, however, perhaps the most famous entrepreneur in Britain, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, is determined to change the landscape with Virgin Start...

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07 Aug About Partnering Up

This week we have quite a lot going on - we're under negotiations with a group of investors about investment in The Startup Guys to help us expand within the UK, we're further building on our partnership with Premier Training International here in the UK and looking...

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14 Jun Facing the World…Head On

Running a small business has all sorts of challenges, especially when it's just yourself or a few of you - each of you has to pitch in everything at some stage. One trend I'm seeing though and taking a disliking to is the negativity surrounding running a small...

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01 Mar Ta Da – We’ve Launched!

Following 4 months of business planning, meeting bank managers and pulling an effective team together, today marks the official launch of The Startup Guys! We will be on an ongoing mission to support small businesses, especially through the digital space, so they can take on the...

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