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Advertising – it’s important!

05 Jun Advertising – it’s important!

My experience of running 3 businesses over the past few years has taught me a variety of lessons, but the most important one has been the importance of advertising.

Us Startup Guys don’t hang around, and our very own Matt thought it was best to try out all of the advertising channels. Well, we couldn’t agree more Matt!

Choices, choices…

We have the well known online advertising routes such as Facebook, Twitter and Adwords so those were obvious ones to try as they are easy to set up and you don’t spend all of the money in your war chest…

However we’ve experimented with other channels this year, including pushing out our video testimonials in unusual places, experimenting with daily deal websites for businesses as well as engaging with local websites where they community has a strong presence.

For us, we’ve had really good success with a daily deal website for businesses called Huddle buy. The team there are really easy to work with and have worked hard to get our deal out.

Get out there and try something, stay ahead of everyone else and let us know what works for you too!

Photo Credit Asim Bijarani

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